What is Practicing Intelligence?

Practicing intelligence is defined here as “searching out useful information and applying it to your life.” Our world is full of all kinds of information. Most of it is designed to entertain us or to sell us something. However, a small percentage of all this stuff is something we can use to improve our lives. This practical information needs to be sorted out of all the far more numerous useless stuff that we have encountered and will continue to encounter all our lives. Even when we discover a life-enhancing idea out of all this informational clutter, we still have to use it if it is going to make a difference in our lives.

All of my professional life I have been searching for answers to the question, “What’s Worth Knowing?” As a result, I have amassed a huge database of facts, concepts, skills, practices and lessons that are worth knowing and using to improve our lives. This knowledge is generally organized based on five categorical questions:

How can I gain and maintain my physical health?
How can I gain and maintain my mental health?
How can I gain and maintain my financial security?
What skills of critical thinking and problem solving are most useful?
What are my responsibilities to others, the environment and myself?

Of course, the answers to each of these questions have resulted in several layers of practical knowledge. It is my belief that these are basic survival strategies for present and future generations. Parents should be modeling and teaching them to their children. Schools should be modeling and teaching them as part of the required curriculum. Governments and businesses should be demonstrating these ideas and practicing the skills. Is there any individual, family, group, employer, state, or nation that would not be more successful and fulfilled if they had increases in their physical and mental health, were financially secure, used proven methods of problem solving and decision making, and acted responsibly to those around them and to their environment?

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The purpose of this website is to provide clear explanations and examples of these ideas and skills that are high on the list of things worth knowing and using. They are the result of researching thousands of sources. Everything has been tested in my life and proven to be of positive value to me personally. Many others have volunteered that one or more of the ideas made significant differences in their lives.

If you decide that you would like to join me and others in this quest for useful knowledge, I will do my best to assist. You can participate on this website in several ways like reading and adding to the blogs and other links or you can contact me personally. I would be interested to know of ways you might like to be involved. I will work with you as an individual or with any organization. I am available for consultation, public speaking, workshops, training or any combination. All assistance I provide will be customized to your personal or organizational needs.

Evaluations of my presentations usually include such descriptors as concise, clear, interactive, humorous, and most of all….practical and useful.