For-Profit Organizations: (Based on organizational request)
Non-Profit Organizations: (Based on organizational request)
Individual Coaching/Tutorials: (Examples: habits, nutrition, exercise)
Seminars: (Examples: stress reduction, self-talk, the power of how we think)

Speeches: (Any of the topics or combination of topics from my books, this website or of the suggestions for further research in What’s Most Important?)
Training: (ex. Problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making)
Book Sales: “Your Choices, Your Life” and “What’s Most Important?” (Bulk purchases of books can be discounted and books can be included as part of speeches, training, etc.)

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is important no matter what stage of life you are in. Even the most successful people in the world need to coach themselves every day on the best ways to live their life. Professional Life Coaching is a great way to create a targeted vision, set goals and create a successful future. If you feel that you are falling behind in any aspect of life, then a professional life coach may be the answer. I offer one-to-one life coaching sessions as well as group programs and audience events. Many years of my career have been spent coaching individuals, as well as, groups of people, on basic (yet incredibly important) methods of living life. The Five Factors can take essentially any person, in any stage of life, and get them on track towards a healthy life. Covering mental, physical, and financial health, my five factors program has proven to work and change lives forever.

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His two books, Your Choices, Your Life and What’s Most Important? The 5 Factors for Living an Intelligent Life were Dr. William Svoboda’s source of content for his five-week facilitation at the World Academy for the Future of Women. He provided seminars, action labs, coaching, and open forums for 100 university women and men immersed in this action designed leadership program on the Sias International University campus in Xinzheng, China. His straight forward and action specific principles were clear and directly applicable to the students who are preparing to be leaders in addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in their World Academy projects. Practical and powerful, these core values and skills transcend cultural complexity. They cut to the heart of core personal and world issues that impact physical and mental health, financial security, critical thinking, problem solving, and responsibility to others, the environment and ourselves. Thanks to Bill’s writing, teaching, and engagement these new leaders will be sustainable and successful in their purpose to accelerate women’s leadership worldwide.

Jerrie Ueberele, Founder and CEO
World Academy for the Future of Women
April 2016

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