Select Clients with whom Dr. Svoboda has Consulted

Speaker Consultant Coach – World Academy for the Future of Women
Coach – Jason Rodie (Professional Paralympian)
Consultant, writer, speaker – National Council for the Social Studies
Consultant, writer – Visions for the Future Project, Hudson Institute
Speaker – Arizona Parents and Teachers Association
Speaker – National Cemetery Directors for USA Western Region
Speaker – Professional Secretaries International
Speaker – Superior Court Training Office
Consultant, speaker – Arizona Republic Newspaper
Speaker – Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix
Consultant, Provost position offer – Sias University, Zhengzhou, P.R.C. (China)
Speaker – Internal Revenue Services Regional Managers
Speaker – Phoenix Day School of the Deaf
Consultant – Adult Probation Department, Superior Court of Arizona

Book review of “What’s Most Important?”

Following Bill’s first book, Your Choices Your Life, a comprehensive workbook, this is a perfect follow on to simplify thoughts. Lifelong learning is so important for our contentment and integrity in life.

What an insightful, easy to read and absorbing book. Whether you read it right through or pick up a chapter a day, it is a huge reminder for the things you should know, and full of basic knowledge that we forget or have never thought about… Most people are on a quest for happiness. This fulfils the place in someone’s life for guidance, support and understanding of a simple path to take. It is written with personal reflection and passion for living.

I’m working in China at the moment with a group of highly motivated university students who are seeking to be the best they can be. Bill Svoboda was the facilitator before me and he introduced his concepts for living to the students….it has had a profound effect on their thoughts about their lives and decisions they are making. There is constant feedback “Bill Taught me this…. Bill taught be that…… Developing an understanding “What is important” to you has to be the most powerful tool in finding peace and happiness.
I will be using it as our text in private workshops I run around the world. Thank you Bill.

Denise Love, LifeOptions – 2016

Recent testimonials from my trip to China!

Sias University in Henan Province, Peoples’ Republic of China, March 2016:

“Firstly, I am really glad to see you and come to your classes in World Academy. Your sharing is very attractive to me because that makes me think about my habits, my lifestyle, my relationships and my life in daily time.” Dana Fu

“By the way, I copied your book, (I had gotten your permission) Your Choices, Your Life, I love it very much. It is easy for me to understand even I am a Chinese girl. There are a lot of good ideas in the book. I can learn many things. I will also try to use these ideas. Thank you a lot. Best wishes for you!!!!” Tracy Luan

“Thank you very much. We all miss you. I learned that always eating natural food, to make a list of next day priorities before going to bed, that preventing problems is better and easier than having to solve problems, that spend money on needs not wants and DO MOST IMPORTANT THING FIRST!” Daisy

“Thank you for you generous support on my way of learning and improving my leadership! Thank you for being so kind when I asked for help. I enjoy the time with you so much and you are the best teacher and friend. As well Grandpa. My Grandpa is like you, a kind, gentle and wise man. Both of you are teachers and my great mentors.” Mandy Tao.