It’s Better to get Better

Are You A Perfectionist? Are you one of those folks who can’t be happy unless things are perfect? Thinking this way can be this way can be very bad for your mental health. When you’re a perfectionist, especially about yourself or your body, nothing is ever good enough. No matter how hard you try, you fall short of your lofty … Read More

Life Is Not Fair

The Title of This Post Says It All: Life Isn’t Fair. Everyone knows it. You have likely experienced life’s unfairness (arbitrariness) firsthand. You were born into a family that was destitute, maybe well-off or even wealthy. You have all sorts of attributes that were the luck or unluck of the draw. For example, my parents were dirt farmers in the … Read More

A Change for the Better

Change May Be The Only Thing In Life That Truly, Never Changes. There will always be change, in ourselves, in others, and in the world. We have little influence on most of these changes. But sometimes we want to make changes in ourselves or something around us. If you are reading this blog, you might already know you want to … Read More

Living in the Moment

Do You Live In The Present? It may seem like a strange question; after all, how else would we live? However, it’s actually very common for people not to do so. Many of us find ourselves focusing our attention anywhere but the present; this occurs when we dwell on past events, when we think about the things we need to … Read More

It’s The Little Things

Have You Ever Stopped To Consider The Importance Of Blinking? Most of us hardly think about this action; it’s so habitual, we barely notice it. But blinking is actually an extremely important function. It keeps our eyes protected and lubricated so that we can see the world around us. Blinking, like your breath and your heartbeat, is something most people … Read More

I Win, You Win, Everybody Wins

The process of coming to an agreement is commonly called negotiating. Negotiations can be large or small but they all have consequences, especially human consequences. Although negotiating is usually connected with business and government, we all do it every day. Parents and their children negotiate, teachers and students negotiate, spouses negotiate, brothers and sisters negotiate and speeders might even try … Read More