If You Have To Buy Something On Credit, You Can’t Afford It

Every time you get ready to buy something on time (using credit) think, “If I have to buy something on time, I can’t afford it.” If you cannot purchase the item without using credit and paying the additional cost of the interest, you are probably indicating that you do not have the willpower to delay gratification until you save the … Read More

25 Foolproof Ways to Guarantee Financial INsecurity

Purchase new cars every two years or when you need a new image. Purchase only “designer” clothes and other expensive merchandise that you hope will give you a better image. Don’t wait to purchase something. Buy it now on credit so you can pay the purchase price plus the interest. Don’t bother to figure out what your ultimate cost will … Read More

Actions That Promote Financial Security

Live below your means. Said another way, whatever your income is, you spend less. Never spend more than you make. This is so obvious that I can’t believe I have to state it. Save the part of your income that you do not spend. Pay yourself first. Pay into your savings first. Do it in some automatic way such as … Read More