I Win, You Win, Everybody Wins

The process of coming to an agreement is commonly called negotiating. Negotiations can be large or small but they all have consequences, especially human consequences. Although negotiating is usually connected with business and government, we all do it every day. Parents and their children negotiate, teachers and students negotiate, spouses negotiate, brothers and sisters negotiate and speeders might even try … Read More

Planning and Conducting Meetings

The following checklist can be used as a basis of planning and conducting meetings. It was designed for conducting large meetings but can also be used to prepare for smaller and more informal meetings. _____ Is this meeting really necessary? _____ Are all participants aware of the time, place and length of the meeting? _____ Are the participants clear about … Read More

Suicide, Time and the Trivial

The lifestyles that most Americans are choosing are the equivalent of slowly committing suicide as a person and maybe as a nation. For example, our general habits of a combination of minimal exercise and eating huge quantities of unhealthy foods are the bases of our physical problems. We have become a nation known for being too overweight, physically weak and … Read More

Ask Why Before You Ask How

One simple way to make better decisions is to ask the correct questions at the correct time. Everything you do in life has at least two basic parts to it. One part is the reason why you should do it. The other part is how you can do it. First, you need to determine why the goal is a good … Read More

Every Decision Has Consequences

Everyone Makes Decisions Every Day. It doesn’t matter who you are, you are continually making decisions. Some of these choices will be relatively inconsequential, such as whether or not to buy a soda with lunch, or whether you want to run to catch the bus or simply wait at the stop for the next one. Other decisions, such as where … Read More