Biography – William Svoboda

Bill Svoboda started his education in a one-room school in southern Missouri. He earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from the University of Kansas.

Bill was a junior high school teacher in Kansas City and in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has taught in higher education at the University of Kansas; University of Missouri; University of Puerto Rico; Morogoro College of National Education in Tanzania, Africa; Arizona State University Main Campus and Arizona State University West Campus. He has consulted with and spoken to hundreds of profit and non-profit organizations.

Dr. Svoboda has held positions as lecturer, education officer, professor, Director of a Social Studies Resource Center, Director of a Center for Economics Education, Faculty Program Coordinator, Acting Director of Education and Human Services, Interim Director of Education, Dean of the College of Education, consultant, and COO of a child crisis center.

Before becoming an educator, Bill Worked as a farm laborer, plasterer, painter, construction laborer, railroad breakout, mobile home salesman and soil compaction tester for an engineering company.

Dr. Svoboda has written or edited several dozens of published articles, monographs, book chapters and teaching resources. He co-authored a citizenship text for junior and senior high school, THE MISSOURI CITIZEN. His newly revised book, YOUR CHOICES, YOUR LIFE, is about how to gain increased control of one’s life.

Bill has many hobbies that include painting, ceramics, photography, sketching, cut glass, writing, reading, traveling, volunteering, exercising and “studying people.”

For several decades Dr. Svoboda has been searching for answers to the question, “What’s worth knowing?” This study has led to work in many areas of knowledge in many areas of the world. (It should be noted that very few of the answers were found in formal institutions of learning.) Discovering and using the answers to this question have made a huge difference in Bill’s life and his energy is now directed to sharing and discussing the results of his work with individuals and groups.

As you can see from the range of topics on this site, he can speak and consult on many practical concepts and skills and can conduct workshops with most of them. Speeches, workshops and consultations are always designed for the specific group or organization. Bill’s presentations are to the point, use lots of examples and are not academic. They are light in tone and heavy in useful ideas.

“Let’s start a revolution. I want us to start a revolution. We need to start a revolution. I don’t mean an armed rebellion against the government or other forms of authority. I mean an intellectual and behavioral revolution that questions the status quo at every level and then makes changes based on that which we deliberately determine to be most important.”

These are the words of Dr. Bill Svoboda, and he invites you to join his revolution that, literally, will change your life. By asking yourself the question What’s Most Important? you will take the first step in challenging and changing your thinking and behaviors. But how do you determine what’s most important to you? Dr. Svoboda will guide you through the process to determine your values and priorities in life, by analyzing five factors: Factor 1: Gaining and Maintaining Physical Health; Factor 2: Gaining and Maintaining Mental Health; Factor 3: Gaining and Maintaining Financial Security; Factor 4: Mastering and Using Problem-Solving and Critical-Thinking Skills; Factor 5: Acting Responsibly to Others, the Environment, and Yourself. These factors are the keys to living a well-rounded, satisfying and focused life. They will help you to:

  • Use your discretionary time to seek information that can improve your life and the lives of those around you
  • Develop the ability to use objective questions, healthy skepticism, and critical analysis of ideas and actions
  • Shift away from a win-lose mentality in decision-making and negotiating to a problem-solving process based on win-win solutions that emphasize
  • positive human consequences
  • Develop a lifestyle that emphasizes plant-based, nutritious “real foods” along with a variety of physical exercise
  • Gain an increased awareness to conserve and nurture what nature has given us
  • Seek happiness through adding value to others, to the environment, ad to yourself

And much more!

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