Why Worry!?

We All Worry. It’s something everyone does at least occasionally. Some people even worry about almost everything. However, worrying, especially doing so frequently, is actually one of the most counter-productive things you can do. When has worrying about something ever actually helped? The truth is, it hasn’t. Even worse, it wastes your time and energy. But that may not even … Read More

How Do You Interpret Happiness?

How Do You Know When You Are Happy? Maybe Your Answer Is A Place, Or A Person, Or An Event. No matter what you believe makes you happy, the question was kind of a trick one. You are very much in control of your own happiness. Happiness isn’t the natural response to anything in particular, but the way we choose … Read More

Your Body; Use It or Lose It

A CASE FOR VARIETY AND MODERATION FOR HEALTHY EXERCISE Bill Svoboda Our bodies have 650 or so muscles. Generations before us used their bodies far more than most of us do today. They walked more, worked on farms, in manufacturing plants, and at other jobs which did not use the technology of today. In fact, the purpose of many inventions … Read More

A “Variety of Natural Plant-Based Food in Moderation” Lifestyle

We are bombarded with conflicting information about what we should eat. Corporate advertising, government pyramids, diet peddlers, grandmas, doctors and friends all have ideas of what food is best for us. What should we feed ourselves and our children? After spending decades of reading research studies, investigating diets, watching people do crazy things to lose weight and seeing people throughout … Read More

Atrophy or Healthy; Your Choices and Your Actions

Bill Svobada If you do not exercise, then your body will atrophy. Your bones will lose strength. Your muscles will lose strength. Your heart will lose strength. Less blood will flow to your brain and you will lose some mental agility. When you lose muscle strength in the core of your body you will lose some of your ability to … Read More

Healthy Habits

Aristotle says: your repeated actions make up who you are; becoming excellent is forming those positive habits. Forming new habits can be a huge challenge. Though it’s long been accepted that forming a habit takes about 21 days, more recent research puts that number at or over 66. I don’t think there is a definitive number of days. It probably … Read More