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Meet Dr. Bill Svoboda

picture of Bill SvobodaBill Svoboda’s first memories are of living in a small house on a dirt farm in Southern Missouri. The house had no running water, no electricity, no books, and was heated only in the kitchen and living room by wood-burning stoves. From that beginning, Bill went on to earn a doctorate from the University of Kansas. This involved many part-time jobs as well as teaching and could not have been done without the devotion and dedication of his late wife, Alice.

Bill taught in public schools in Kansas and Puerto Rico. He has also taught or been in administrative positions in higher education at Kansas University, Missouri University, the University of Puerto Rico, Arizona State University and the College of National Education in Tanzania, Africa. In 2000 Dr. Svoboda retired as professor and dean from Arizona State University and served as Chief Operations Officer for a child crisis center. He also spent substantial time as a caregiver for his father and wife. Throughout these careers, his formal and informal research had been driven by the question, “What’s worth knowing? World travel has also added significant perspective to the pursuit of answers to crucial, relevant life questions.

Bill is the founder of PotentialMAX, LLC. Its purpose is to work with individuals and organizations using customized programs designed to maximize achievement. Programs are based on practicing intelligence in all aspects of one’s life. The programs are the result of decades of research, personal experience and professional writings but lean heavily on Bill’s recent books; Your Choices, Your Life and What’s Most Important?

Let’s start a revolution. I want us to start a revolution. We need to start a revolution. I don’t mean an armed rebellion against the government or other forms of authority. I mean an intellectual and behavioral revolution that questions the status quo at every level and then makes changes based on that which we deliberately determine to be most important.” – Dr. William Svoboda


“Your Choice, Your Life is about ways you can gain increased control over your Life. The Ideas are easy to understand. Each idea is presented in a short, concise form with questions and activities included to help clarify ideas and increase their use. This book is designed to be used effectively by both individuals and groups. The ideas in this book work.


Practicing Intelligence

Practicing intelligence is my shorthand for “finding and using useful knowledge.” It does NOT refer to intelligence as in Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is a bogus guess at the quantity of some unknown quality and should be avoided. I use intelligence in the way a spy agency uses it; information is gathered, evaluated and used for either offensive or defensive purposes.

My books and my programs are designed around this definition of intelligence. They involve practicing ideas, concepts and skills that have been successfully used by myself and others to improve our lives. That’s the offensive use of this intelligence that you are encouraged to use but the defensive uses of intelligence are just as important. We also need to gather intelligence and use it to defend ourselves against the uninformed and devious who bombard us with propaganda and marketing designed to get us to act or believe as they want us to. This is often done with little regard for our welfare. This is the defensive use of intelligence to guard our self-interest.

Based on my research, I have distilled the most important intelligence into my writings and programs so you don’t have to. I consider these useful ideas, concepts and skills to be at least the equivalent of a doctorate in practical intelligence. However, making the time to understand the ideas and then trying them is up to you.

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The derivation of the name PotentialMAX comes from the idea that everyone and every organization can get better. It is also based on the idea that we all should behave as if we have unlimited potentials. Our company is designed to help you maximize your individual and organizational potentials. Organizations here means any groupings such as teams, families, factories, companies, non-profit organizations, governmental entities, schools of all types and any people who come together to accomplish goals. Our assistance might include consultations, coaching, seminars, speaking, or specific skill training.

PotentialMAX is also based on the idea that an unbiased, objective, empathetic and knowledgeable professional can lead the systematic analyses of individuals and organizations who request assistance. Upon getting a request, the needs and expectations of all parties concerned will be made clear. Only then will a contract be negotiated. The contract will be customized for the specific requests. Fees will also be based on the customization. Follow-ups will be used to evaluate the success of recommendations and their implementations. If it is determined that the contract was not fully met, the professional expenses part of the contract will be renegotiated to the satisfaction of both parties.

Potential clients can get a feel for the variety and breadth of services by further pursuing this website, reading Your Choices, Your Life or What’s Most Important?, or by contacting Bill Svoboda directly (See Contact link).

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My Books

What’s Most Important? is designed to help the reader determine the priorities in his or her life. Far too many of us unquestioningly wander through life doing what we see everyone else doing. Far too many of us thoughtlessly do today what we did yesterday. Far too many of us are driven by industry advertising to pursue more, bigger, newer and faster “stuff.” This book guides readers to live their lives more intelligently by making priorities of their physical health, mental health, financial security, development of decision making and critical thinking skills, and acting responsibly to others, the environment and especially themselves. These factors are explained using many examples and suggestions of their practice. Read this small book and get a huge amount of practical ideas and skills to improve your life and those around you. What is most important to you?

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Your Choices, Your Life is designed to help the reader gain increased control over his or her life. It is written in short (usually 2-3 pages) chapters and is easily understood. Each chapter is followed by questions and activities that individuals or groups can use to analyze and utilize the ideas. The book has been used in many ways such as in public schools, home schools, family settings, counseling sessions, informal settings in retirement communities, as the mental component of physical training and in juvenile therapy. The most common feedback for this book is “Why didn’t someone teach me this when I was younger? My life would have so much easier and better.” No matter how old you are, it’s not too late to make your life easier and better.

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